Entheos Resource Guide

Welcome to the Entheos Resource Guide. Now, bookmark this page as this is where we will update information and links that you use regularly.

This is your one-stop shop for useful links and information you will need as an Entheos member. Since this is your cooperative, this is your page. If you think a resource should be added to it, please let us know.

Executive Team

Nora Stewart
Chief Vision Officer
Suha Abbasi
Administrative Assistant
Barry Becker
Director of Finance
Laurel Gregory
Director of Training & Education
Sandy Riley
Chief Operating Officer
Jim Thorpe
Director of Give Back
Alan Wagmeister
Digital Specialist
Kareem Shaout
Senior Project Manager
Martyna Barnes
Manager/Trainer Administrative Services
Sara Jarvis
Manager of Operations
Deb Zener
President - Entheos Business Incubator
Lizmarie Thomas
Director of Business Development
Lorie Coviello
Manager/Trainer Administrative Services
Daniel Beals
Social Media Manager
Jane Klemm
Chief Financial Officer
Kevin Zener
Director of Marketing

Communication Tools

Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! This is what gives Entheos an advantage. As a true cooperative, we share ideas and knowledge. You will, of course, get email but it is hard to have a group dialogue in email. We also like to reduce the email by using applications that give us the ability to work together. We have several books to keep you in touch with the coop and other owners.


We use Zoom for online meetings.  Most meetings will be in Zoom 1. You might have a smaller meeting on Zoom 2.  You can also meet with individual Entheos team members and we have their Zooms listed here.

Entheos App

Entheos has it’s very own App that you can find in the Google Play store for Andriods or the App Store for iPhones. You can quickly see the price lists, member locations, promotions & discounts, as well as events and share photos.

Once registered, you will have to contact an Entheos Executive Team Member to have your access increased to be able to use all the features of the App.

Member Documents

Members Services Guide

The Entheos Services Guide shows you the services you can receive for your level.

Entheos FAQ

The FAQ contains information about your cooperative. It includes why do we exist, what we do and answers to all your questions about your coop. It's a real page turner!

Collective Intelligence Library

One of Entheos greatest resources is you. You are the experts. You have the knowledge. You may be very good at one thing but not at another. This is where members share their knowledge and experience so we all can grow.

Purchasing Power

One of the advantages of the cooperative is not only do you buy from yourself, you create purchasing power for better pricing. You can find the updated Entheos Price list here. Note: This is a password protected page.

Discounts & Promotions

Through our partners, we are able to offer discounts and promotions on products and services. You can see the latest information here.

Member Directory

Entheos is growing but exclusive. You are part of a group that is the best of the best in audiology. You can see a map of where members are located as well as their information.
Wellness Coach Ashley Baker is offering her services to help all Entheos members in need. You can click the button to email Ashley.
Entheos offers many opportunities to improve your business as well as your give back, it PAYS to plan.
Entheos is committed to giving back locally and internationally, and we do this through our partnership with Hearing the Call.

Social Media

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