Suha Abbasi

Administrative Assistant

In 2012 I met an audiologist from Hearcare Audiology while in the West Bank, and I realized it was time to change career paths. I learned every bit I could about audiology to begin assisting where possible. After assisting at Hearcare Audiology I began working with Entheos. Today I aid in Humanitarian Trip planning and preparation, and help staff members in many different areas within Entheos.

I get to travel to locations around the world that are not only beautiful to see, but have amazing communities where we are privileged to provide aid. The people from these communities will stay in your heart forever, and team members I work with are equally as amazing. 

When I turned 50 I was looking at what my path in life would be, and I had asked God to guide me to find my goal for the next 50 years. The trip I took in 2012 was life changing, and inspired me to go back and earn a new degree. After raising my kids and making sure they were established in their lives, I believe that God gave me the opportunity to give back through this work. I get to help other parents around the world: both with themselves and with their children. I get to give back to so many others and pay forward the fortune I had in raising my kids in my first 50 years.