Jim Thorpe

Director of Give Back

As a non-profit and peak moment facilitator, I work alongside audiologists to help open non-profit projects throughout the US, as well as help lead on ground with the same audiologists on hearing humanitarian trips all around the world.

A few years ago, I joined a team of volunteers on a hearing humanitarian trip to Jordan.  Each day, our team traveled by bus to rural parts of Jordan to set up a clinic out of 11 suitcases.  Each day, the team saw 50 patients or more. Nearly all of these patients had never had their hearing healthcare addressed, and some had not heard a sound in many years, if ever.  Our team of volunteer audiologists treated hundreds of grateful patients and brought the gift of hearing to so many.

Over the next year, I was inspired and fortunate to have more time to volunteer for Entheos and Hearing the Call, and even more fortunate when a job with such positive, like-minded thinkers became possible.  I transitioned from owning a law practice and started using my skills and experience in a different way to work alongside with this team to make these trips and local non-profits happen.

On a recent humanitarian trip in Panajachel, Guatemala, we were joined by several volunteers with no medical background but were dedicated and passionate to come help.  One volunteer says to me on our third clinic day, “I don’t think these patients realize they’re changing our lives, too.” The whole experience is life-changing, both for the patients we help serve and for the volunteers serving (including me).  Joining the team that makes these trips happen has changed and improved my life beyond what I could have imagined. To love your job is to never work a day in your life.