Why We Exist

There are many buying groups that audiologists can join. What if you could be a part of a group that was started by audiologists, is 100% owned by hearing health care providers, and gives back all of its profits to the private practice members that own it?  Now, you can … Entheos Audiology Cooperative.

Entheos was started in 2014 by private practice audiologists.  They had been a part of a different buying group but were turned off by the cookie-cutter approach to patient care and the “top-heavy” flow of resources going to the founder of the buying group and not the audiologists.  They had tried traditional marketing but year-after-year saw dwindling returns. In fact, the last mailer they ever tried got three calls, all to ask them to “take me off the list!” And they were looking for ways to be better leaders in their practice, ways to inspire and motivate their employees, to go the extra mile, and deliver extraordinary patient care, every time.  When they thought about it, the best information they received to grow their practice was from other practice owners at conferences! 

In 2011, they left the buying group they were in and focused on starting a local nonprofit.  It was a couple of years of hard work and learning the hard way, but by 2013 the nonprofit was thriving and so was their private practice.  Trust was being built in their community, and patients were proud of supporting the larger cause of quality hearing healthcare. Now, instead of paying for ads in the newspaper, the newspaper was writing articles about what they were doing to make the community better. 

How can this model be shared?  Through a cooperative focused on recruiting members who share a passion for patient care and expanding their influence in their communities in order to leave a legacy.

Entheos will grow to 99 members because we believe in creating a close-knit community of like-minded hearing care providers, where every member can openly share.  Every member is protected within their geographic location.

They Why behind the Cooperative Structure

A cooperative, or co-op, is an organization owned and controlled by the people who use the products or services the business produces. Cooperatives differ from other forms of businesses because they operate more for the benefit of members, rather than to earn profits for investors.  One of the greatest perks of having a cooperative model in business is the democratic approach to ownership. 

Entheos is governed by 12 Board of Directors, 11 private practice members and one attorney.  The board is elected by the members, and all members get one vote no matter how big or small their practice is.

Grow your business, expand your life, retain your buying power, and keep your autonomy – join Entheos!