Entheos Is a Community of Like-Minded Hearing Healthcare Providers

Entheos leverages the collective knowledge and ideas of our members to help each other grow faster. At Entheos, you can be part of a developing and nurturing community through many avenues. Together, all of us are smarter than one of us.
Member sharing activities include:

Peer2Peer Webinars

Focus on member-chosen topics and provide an opportunity to share existing great ideas and brainstorm new ones.

Webinars with Business Thought Leaders Outside Our Industry

From Patrick Lencioni’s Table Group, to Jesse Cole (of the Famed Savannah Bananas) to Jeff Bloomfield of Braintrust–to spark innovative solutions to our changing marketplace.

Best Practices Committee

Transform your staff and patients into raving fans.  Help define the Standard of Care for Entheos practices to ensure every patient receives the highest, best hearing healthcare available.  The best practices committee focuses on clinical best practices and also the entire patient experience from the first contact all the way through aftercare appointments.  This committee creates and shares effective strategies to engage our teams to create unforgettable experiences for our patients.

Mentoring Committee

Be a part of a team of practitioners that have a passion for coaching and mentoring other practice owners in a meaningful and lasting way.  Our mentors care as much for the person as they do the practice.

Other committees include: Education, Student Initiative, Humanitarian Trips and more.

Student Initiative Committee

Help pave the way for the future of Audiology and be a part of a team that attracts the best and brightest new talent to our members practices.  There is no better way to find your future employee than to spend a week long “interview” in the mission field working side by side with them.

Resource Library

Easy access to member collateral.  Find shared resources in our user friendly library and share your resources with others.  Resources include:
  • Webinars
  • Presentations/Master deck 
  • Patient newsletters
  • Photos and videos
  • Metric Templates
  • Public Relations
  • Humanitarian Trip Resources
  • Staff Meeting Resources (videos, quotes, latest updates, training, etc.)
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing Ideas