Entheos Discounts & Promotions

All Current Manufacturer Promotions Will Be Updated on the Entheos App

Ongoing Promotions

50% off the customization fee for books, support materials, and the online training program.

Entheos members get an 18-20% discount on packages to include content from Entheos members and Hearing the Call.

Entheos members get a discount on Earsavers. Each one is $0.75 on an order of 10 or more.

- Contact Noel Crosby directly for the discount

Entheos members get a discount on CORE Audiology Assistant training

entheoscore3 (for 3 users) - $200 discount
entheoscore1 (for1 user) - $100 discount

Entheos receives 17% commission on all sales of Bemer chairs which means you are buying from yourself.

- Purchase includes consultation and assist in implementation by Al Turri

Entheos is a strategic partner and gets preferred pricing at $149/month.

• Preferred pricing of $149/mo
• Waived setup fee ($200 value)
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Entheos is a strategic partner with BrainTrust to develop your website which you own.

Entheos members get $50/month off to bring the cost down to $375/month and includes a free 30-day trial.

10% off monthly subscription and free account for their secondary / non-profit clinic. Please mention Entheos to the representative.

$200 off on a bundle of Earigator and Cart or $100 off the Earigator only. If bought for a charitable use, an additional $50.00 will be offered. Please use code 9407NQ321.

10% off all Oaktree products for Entheos members.

Entheos members get a 0.5% discount on new sign ups.

$100/month for 24 months
10% will go back to Hearing the Call

*Discounts may change at the discretion of the vendor.