Entheos Discounts & Promotions

All Current Manufacturer Promotions Will Be Updated on the Entheos App

Ongoing Promotions

50% off the customization fee for books, support materials, and the online training program.

Entheos members get an 18-20% discount on packages to include content from Entheos members and Hearing the Call.

Entheos members get a discount on Earsavers. Each one is $0.75 on an order of 10 or more.

- Contact Noel Crosby directly for the discount

Entheos members get a discount on CORE Audiology Assistant training

entheoscore3 (for 3 users) - $200 discount
entheoscore1 (for1 user) - $100 discount

Entheos Avis Worldwide Discounts

To take advantage of this program, you must create an Avis Wizard account. Once you have done that, you can add the Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) of M790325. Click the Avis logo to go to the homepage and click "Login" to add your number or create a new account.

Entheos receives 17% commission on all sales of Bemer chairs which means you are buying from yourself.

- Purchase includes consultation and assist in implementation by Al Turri

Entheos is a strategic partner and gets preferred pricing at $159/month.

• Preferred pricing of $159/mo
• Waived setup fee ($200 value)
Click Here for Demo

Entheos' preferred marketing partner for website development, design, and local marketing.

Entheos members get $50/month off to bring the cost down to $375/month and includes a free 30-day trial.

10% off monthly subscription and free account for their secondary / non-profit clinic. Please mention Entheos to the representative.

10% off (MG will also donate 5% of your purchase price to HTC), contact CJ.loeffler@mg-dev.com (724-355-8860)!

10% off all Oaktree products for Entheos members.

Entheos members get a 0.5% discount on new sign ups.

$150/mo. and you own it after 24-payments ($3,600 total). You can also buy upfront at a discounted rate of $2,750/ea.

*Discounts may change at the discretion of the vendor.