During COVID-19, many states did not deem audiology as essential while ophthalmologists and dentists were. You, more than anyone, know why this is blatantly false and puts your patients at risk. As we know, hearing loss not only can cause someone to isolate and become depressed, but it is a safety issue. People cannot hear cars coming or other warning noises. They cannot hear important on the news. They are having difficult hearing people with masks and due to social distancing.

Entheos Audiology Cooperative wants to help all hearing healthcare professionals spread the message that "Hearing is Essential." Entheos is made up more than 50 practices fighting for social good. Make a difference by spreading the word that "Hearing is Essential."

1. Patient Testimonial

If you are filming it yourself, you can stand back six feet from your patient, so they can remove their mask. It should still work in a quiet room to get audio. If they keep their mask on even at 2 feet, you will find the sound quality is poor. You may want to invest in a lavalier microphone not just for now but for the future. We have that information for you in a minute.

Additional ideas to keep safe social distancing is ask them to record it on their own phone while you are with them. Then, they can airdrop it to you or text it to you. They can also do it at home and send it to you. If the last option is with a mask, then do it.

2. Sending the Video

There are several ways you can get Entheos the video.

You can email the video to alan@entheoshearing or you can upload it to the Essential Video folder on either Dropbox or Google. Make sure you notify Alan that it is there and include your contact information as well as the name of your practice. If you also have a high resolution graphic of your logo, please send that as well as it will speed up the process.

Entheos Audiology Cooperative is NOT collecting this contact information other than for the purposes of this campaign to further the message of "Hearing is Essential." We are doing the first 25 videos as a way to help spread the message. Entheos' name will not be on the video as this is not about Entheos, it's about all of us.

Now one legal matter. Entheos Audiology Cooperative assumes no liability for the video. By sending the video to Entheos, you agree your practice is solely responsible for obtaining the proper video usage and consent from the patient.

Interesting Fact: If you want one fact why hearing is essential in the video world, it is easier to fix bad video than bad audio. There are always tricks we can do on video as well as cover it with other video. We CANNOT fix bad sound. Sound even in the editing world is far more complicated.