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Welcome to the Entheos Student Initiative. We want to help you further your goals and dreams of being an audiologist. At Entheos, we believe in community, best practices and give back. We want you to be able to give the gift of hearing locally and internationally to help you make your job more fulfilling.

1. A wide range of patient care services (Hearing aids, CI, Cognitive Health, Tinnitus clinic, Pediatric-Adult, Functional Hearing Assessment)?

2. An externship focused on best practices?

3. Mentors who value whole patient care?

4. Mentors who value giving back locally and globally?



Apply for an externship at one of our esteem private practices who are members and own Entheos Audiology Cooperative.

Who? Entheos Audiology Cooperative is made up of like-minded audiologists who own their own private practices from around the country. They are leaders in the industry who work together to create a better patient experience with the best quality of care.

To deliver outstanding quality of care and better patient experience, our members know this requires adherence to Best Practice protocols. For example, in a world where many audiology practices do NOT do speech-in-noise testing, 83% of Entheos members always or usually provide this, understanding that this parameter will lead to better outcomes for the patient. Where only 34% of audiologists complete real ear measurements on their hearing aid fittings, 93% of Entheos members always or usually make these measurements, leading to better outcomes for the patient. If you are offered an externship at an Entheos-member practice, you can trust that you will participate in providing professional and comprehensive care to the patient, raising the bar for patient care.

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