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More than 20 years ago Judy Huch left Missouri after finishing her degree and working in a place she couldn’t see anything but trees and sky and came back west. She grew up in Wyoming which instilled a great desire for independence, open air and the need to see a mountain on the horizon. Once she moved to Tucson, within 6 months she was given the opportunity of a lifetime, to start a satellite audiology clinic which she would end up purchasing less than 3 years later.

She may have known the odds were not in her favor starting a small business, but she kept things tight being the audiologist, janitor, biller and front office administrator herself for many years. As the patient load, and her family grew she did bring on staff and kept her deep need to help not only those she saw in her practice have better communication but to help her community thrive.

Every day Judy and her team can give The Gift of Hearing, either at the Oro Valley office or through the nonprofit, Grace Hearing Center, and always strive to leave everyone better because they interacted with us.

Oro Valley Audiology moves the world to better communication and relationships through the health and rehabilitation of the hearing system. We do this by uplifting each other, our peers and our patients. If you’re looking for hearing aids in Tucson give us a call!


Hearing aids are the main treatment for hearing loss, get them from providers who know how the brain works in processing sound. Help is more than a product, it’s from educated, caring practitioners.

Tinnitus TreatmentTinnitus is commonly referred to as ringing in one or both ears; the presentation can vary widely from person to person. Some people report crackling, buzzing, or different noises. Tinnitus may occur after loud noise exposure, like a concert, or a person may only notice the tinnitus when they are in a quiet space. Tinnitus is often accompanied by hearing loss, so it is important to get your hearing tested if you are experiencing tinnitus.  Hearing aid fitting many times will help alleviate tinnitus, but if not we do provide patient-specific Tinnitus counseling as well. There are more specific tinnitus, handicap, and depression questionnaires along with mindfulness, sound generators, CBD oils, and other counseling tools. Dr. Judy Huch is the expert in tinnitus and can take this aspect of care if more intense tinnitus counseling is needed.

Real Ear Measurements (REM) The best objective test to ensure fitting of hearing aids are appropriate for each individual. Every fitting in our office has, can also conduct for anyone who needs to ensure the best fit based on your audiogram.

Ear Wax Removal (Cerumen) Better known as an Ear Spa Irrigation, suction and manual removal of excess production of ear wax by a Dr of Audiology.

Auditory Monitoring Hearing exam for entire auditory pathway. There are some medications or health conditions (such as Diabetes) that should have periodic or annual hearing exams.

Online Store; shop for products even when we are closed! There are numerous over the counter devices sold to help MILD hearing losses. Your hearing should be checked first to see where your hearing baseline is and know what is appropriate. We also have hearing protection in our store to make sure you save the hearing you have.