That “next level” varies from person to person: it may be succession or retirement planning; more effective leadership presence; better understanding of your business numbers. It might simply be to inspire your team. Everyone is unique, and the possibilities are as endless.
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Human Resources

We help you recruit, interview, select and hire the right candidates and do exit interviews on departing staff. We will help keep your employees inspired, motivated, and loyal as well as leadership development.
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Front Office Support, Billing & Coding Training

We will help train your staff on things such as OMS to appropriate phone protocols … from insurance and billing to troubleshooting hearing aids. We will work with you on all of your needs. We can provide virtual front office help as well as virtual billing when need.
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Financial Consulting

Past, Present and Future: Looking at your practice and helping you determine what you can stop doing from the past, what you can start doing in the present, and what you should be doing in the future. This includes developing a business plan, budgeting, P&L, investment planning as well as retirement, legacy and an exit strategy.
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Sales Training

Instead of selling a product, you are selling a dream, a new way of life and an ongoing relationship with your patient. All dramatics aside, this is truly what will help your patients want to invest in the product you are suggesting. They need to be able to envision themselves using your product, while you are beside them during their journey and feel how their lives will be better. We can help you quantifiably grow your business. We bring visibility to you, your expertise, the things that set you apart in order to get your patients to take action and follow thru with your recommendations … whatever they may be.


Gather with like-minded Audiology professionals twice a year to get inspired and take home fresh, actionable information and tools to strengthen your business. CEU credits are available.


In-Office Training

According to Gallup, 85% of employees are either disengaged or not engaged. This costs an estimated $450 billion in productivity every year.  Entheos’ personalized in-office practice management workshops are designed to help practice owners become better business owners by growing a positive and healthy work culture.  
Our customized workshops include: 
  • Cultivate Your Culture
  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Team (5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team)
  • Productive Conflict
  • In Pursuit of Happiness (The Truth about Employee Engagement)
  • Emotional Intelligence!
Peer2Peer Webinars
Focus on member-chosen topics and provide an opportunity to share existing great ideas and brainstorm new ones.
Educational Webinars
The business world is constantly changing. People may fear change, but change can be good. Entheos holds educational webinars on the latest topics on everything from sessions to help improve your patient’s experience, to helping you retain and grow your best employees, to practical business assistance and application. 


PR Service & Cause Marketing

What’s most important to business?  Marketing or attention?
“Here’s the thing – you can be the best marketer in the world, but if no one’s paying attention, it’s not going to amount to much.  Attention must come first,” Jesse Cole, Entrepreneur featured on MSNBC, CNN, and ESPN and owner of the Savannah Bananas.
Build trust by having your practice highlighted in your local media channels.  All of your competitors can buy space, but how many have a PR team working to get their practice talked about in the news?
“Entheos gives you the opportunity to give you the right attention so that when you market, people DO know who you are,” Dr. Nimet Adam, Board Certified Clinical Audiologist and President of Hearing Partners of South Florida, Inc.

Shining the Light on You and Your Practice

We do it through “cause marketing.”  By being a part of the co-op, you are giving back. The number of consumers who say they would switch from one brand to another if the brand is associated with a good cause has climbed to 87%, a dramatic increase in recent years (Cone Cause Evolution Survey).

Concert Series

Expand your message and build awareness about hearing loss and the compassionate, quality hearing care that your practice provides in your community.  Mandy Harvey, golden buzzer winner on America’s Got Talent will bring an evening of music and her motivating message about succeeding with hearing loss.  Your practice will enjoy pre-concert and during concert promotion. Host an event that will leave your community inspired by your private practice AND raise money for a great cause: quality hearing health care!  This event is in partnership with the non-profit organization Hearing The Call. This also makes use of your cause marketing message while you are giving back.


Best Practices Committee

Transform your staff and patients into raving fans.  Help define the Standard of Care for Entheos practices to ensure every patient receives the highest, best hearing healthcare available.  The best practices committee focuses on clinical best practices and also the entire patient experience from the first contact all the way through aftercare appointments.  This committee creates and shares effective strategies to engage our teams to create unforgettable experiences for our patients.

Mentoring Committee

Be a part of a team of practitioners that have a passion for coaching and mentoring other practice owners in a meaningful and lasting way.  Our mentors care as much for the person as they do the practice.

Other committees include: Education, Student Initiative, Humanitarian Trips and more.

Student Humanitarian Program

Help pave the way for the future of Audiology and be a part of a team that attracts the best and brightest new talent to our members practices.  There is no better way to find your future employee than to spend a week long “interview” in the mission field working side by side with them.


Resource Library

Easy access to member collateral.  Find shared resources in our user friendly library and share your resources with others.  Resources include:
  • Webinars
  • Presentations/Master deck 
  • Patient newsletters
  • Photos and videos
  • Metric Templates
  • Public Relations
  • Humanitarian Trip Resources
  • Staff Meeting Resources (videos, quotes, latest updates, training, etc.)
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing Ideas

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Members have access to affordable website design, hosting, and management through BrainTrust.  Having a web presence consistent with the overall “storytelling” approach Entheos offers is critical to grow your practice’s brand and this partnership allows for one more way Entheos adds tangible value to you and your team.