Members Only Information

This page contains information and links for members. Many of these pages are password protected. Other is just information members need right now.

Entheos Services Guide

You can review all the services Entheos has to offer. If it is not in the guide, don't be afraid to ask an Entheos team member about what you would like.

Entheos Resource Guide

This is your one-stop shop for useful links and information you will need as an Entheos member. Since this is your cooperative, this is your page.

Purchasing Power

One of the advantages of the cooperative is not only do you buy from yourself, you create purchasing power for better pricing. You can find the updated Entheos Price list here. Note: This is a password protected page.

Discounts and Promotions

Through our partners, we are able to offer discounts and promotions on products and services. You can see the latest information here.


Many members participate on committees to help Entheos improve and grow. Committees isolate topics to work on them strategically.

Hearing the Call Photo Library

One of the great things about Humanitarian trips is the memories. We are now linking all the online photos from these trips which you can access. These photos are copyrighted. Note: This is a password protected page.