Entheos Committees

Nomination Committee
Chair: Deborah Clark

This committee was created to manage the electoral policy and procedures set forth in the bylaws for the Board of Directors of the Entheos cooperative. The short-term goal is to ensure that all slots are filled, and that re-election or replacement of board members occur in a timely manner in accordance with board nomination procedures. The long-term goal is to continue to develop policies and procedures that are aligned with the growth of the cooperative and that a fair and equitable process is in place.

Best Practices Committee
Chair: Liliana Piccinini

The purpose of the best practice committee is to formulate a set of guidelines, statements, recommendations and strategies that will assist audiology practices in providing the best clinical outcome for patients, both subjectively and objectively.

Executive Committee
Chair: Mary Thorpe

Liaison between CEO and board, listen to and advise the CEO regarding policies prior to being presented to the board, guide the decision-making process of the board, enable communication between board members, and enable communication between board and membership at large.

Student Initiative Committee
Chair: Jane Baxter

A small core of committee members who are trying to develop a student initiative program for Entheos. We are establishing relationships with Universities. Once this is done and protocols are set we want to roll out this program to include Entheos members and possibly other Universities.Student Initiative humanitarian trips are organized to provide a high level of “best practices” supervision from Entheos member audiologists.

Marketing Committee
Chair: Mary Carson

To develop best practices and materials for members to market to physicians and for consumer education.

Grant Committee
Chair: Judy Huch

To find grants that are aligned with the HTC mission and to define guidelines and to oversee the execution of grant-writing and reporting for international, national, and local grants.

Humanitarian Trip Committee
Chair: Judy Huch

Organize and streamline funding, policies, and procedures in order to efficiently and effectively provide the best practice of hearing healthcare globally